Diocesan Financial Services

Diocesan Financial Services provides advice and support on all matters financial to the Bishop, his committees and to clergy.

The main responsibilities of the Diocesan Financial Services office are to:

> Manage the day-to-day financial affairs of the Diocese
> Provide general support and guidance to parishes, priests and other Diocesan agencies
> Manage the Diocesan Property Portfolio
> Manage the Diocesan Development Fund
> Manage Diocesan Employment & Safety Systems
> Ensure that sick and retired priests are suitably accommodated and cared for
> Administer the Priests' Car Replacement Fund
> Administer special collections
> Administer the corporate health plan for priests and seminarians


Mr Dean Smith
Director of Financial Services
170 William Street
PO Box 611
Rockhampton Qld 4700
P:4887 3090
E: enquiries@ddfrok.org.au
W: www.dfs.org.au

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