Cathedral Conservation Appeal

St Joseph’s Cathedral is a historic and iconic building, as well as a spiritual home for the people of the Diocese of Rockhampton.  It requires regular and ongoing maintenance, as any building would, but also requires special attention to maintain its unique architectural character, heritage elements and spiritual identity.  Thanks greatly to the generosity of people like yourself, the Cathedral was beautifully restored in recent years, enhancing its profile but also tending to the wear and tear that the building had endured over many years.  The Cathedral will continue to need work done to it in the future.

Donations to the Cathedral Conservation Appeal can be made at any time by:

  • using one of the appeal envelopes located at church entrances throughout our Diocese
  • phoning 07 4887 3090
  • emailing
  • making a bequest in your will.  

It is important to note that the appeal is not tax deductible as it had been in previous years.

St Joseph’s is the cathedral church of the Rockhampton Diocese and many of us have some personal connection to it.  It has played host to significant events and has gathered people from all over our vast Diocese.  Modern technology such as live-streaming enables more people to witness events held here.  The Cathedral was a showpiece for the Rockhampton community last year, giving people the opportunity to gather together and reflect upon the beauty of the building and, most importantly, the meaning of Christmas.  All these events have given shape to the life of our Diocese and parishes, and with your support will continue to do so well into the future.

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