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My Dear People,

Cathedral churches are spiritually rich places.  With their sense of space and light they draw us to the presence of God in a simple and yet enriching way.  Every Cathedral tells a story including our own St Joseph’s Cathedral.  It is a living testimony to the people who have built, preserved and made the Cathedral an important part of the life of our Diocese.  It holds a unique place as the most northern Gothic Cathedral in Australia.  It reflects the extraordinary vision of past generations who wanted such a building to be the place from where our Bishop presides and teaches.  What a daunting project our Cathedral must have been in the late 19th century. Those years were tough economically and yet the people of our Diocese pressed ahead, leaving future generations with a beautiful building that unites us with God and is an obvious symbol of the diverse Catholic family that is our Diocese, from Mackay to Bundaberg and stretching west through many grazing, farming and mining communities.  We are truly fortunate to have such a building that is witness to our faith in God.



Some years ago, some serious faults in St Joseph’s Cathedral were identified by experts.  They required urgent attention in light of our obligations to preserve the Cathedral as one of the most significant heritage listed buildings of our region.

The restoration project has included “repointing” of the walls, stabilising the north-eastern tower and the spires and finally the removal of the bitumen apron around the Cathedral and the clay underneath and replacement with concrete. A new stormwater drainage system will reduce any future strain on the structural movement caused by water affected foundations.  Extensive cobblestone driveways and courtyards and a new boundary fence complete the restoration and add beauty to the external environment.  Electrical work, repairs to the archways, replacement of damaged stones, new front steps and landscaping have combined with the major structural work to be a very costly project.  The end result is a much enhanced Cathedral building worthy to be handed onto future generations.

Unfortunately, we have not yet raised the necessary funds for this work.  Approximately $6 million was needed and to date we have raised $2 million along with $1 million from Diocesan reserves.  This has left the Diocese with a substantial financial burden.

Whatever you might be able to give will be very much appreciated and will help to restore our Cathedral and enable us to hand on such a worthy and beautiful symbol of our faith to future generations.  I urge you to consider prayerfully what your gift may be and invite you to be a part of the restoration of St Joseph’s Cathedral in our time.

May God bless you in your generosity.

+ Brian Heenan
Bishop of Rockhampton


There are several ways you can choose to donate to the St Joseph's Cathedral Rockhampton Restoration Appeal to help fund these vital works. These include:

> One-off or periodic donations
> Dedication of a Cathedral stone to your family, children, parents or grandparents, or in your own name
> Donation of proceeds from sale of livestock or primary produce
> Bequest through your Will
> Deposit with Diocesan Development Fund with arrangements for interest to be donated

Choose the payment option at the top of this section that suits you best to find out how.

Donations of $2 or more are tax deductible.


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To find out more visit the official website for the St Joseph's Cathedral Appeal

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